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How to apply

· There are no restrictions on forms such as resume, cover letter, or portfolio (But for designers, a portfolio must be attached.)

· Please send to

Recruiting process

· Document screening>1st interview>2nd interview>Recruitment

· Only those who pass the document screening will be contacted individually.

· (All interviews are conducted with the CEO).

  • 3D Design-modeling part

    · Expert in Low Poly modeling for games

    · Expert in High Poly modeling for promotional videos

    · Those who can hand paint are preferred

    · Those who have various rigging experiences are preferred

  • 3D Design-Animation part

    · Animation part for game charaters

    · Camera directing experience is preferred

    · Experience of motion capture is preferred

  • 2D Design-Concept designer

    · Concept designs for games

    · Original paintings of characters

    · Original painting of background concept

  • 2D Design-UI designer

    · In charge of UI designs of games and apps

    · Those with clear understanding of mobile UI/UX are preferred

    · Those with the experience of UI production for VR games are preferred

  • Effect designer

    · Those who can create effects using Unity 3D are preferred

    · Those with the experience in commercializing game effect designs

  • Video design part

    · Those proficient in using after effects are preferred!

    · Experience of shooting VR is preferred

    · Those with good ability to use new equipment are preferred

    · Those with good physical strength are preferred

  • Planner

    · Service planner (game and app planner)

    · Experience in launching is preferred

    · Those with excellent communication skills are preferred

  • Programmer (Client)

    · Experts with skills related to content development are preferred

    · Programmers who can produce VR contents are preferred

    · Those with the experience in commercialization of games are preferred

Working conditions

· Regardless of new or experienced employees, and gender

· To work as a full-time or as an intern depending on experience

· Quarterly incentives per team in addition to salaries (including interns)

Equal opportunities are available for women who are married or with career disruption. Your skills are important, but I hope you know how to communicate together. A stable life is important, but I hope you are a positive person who is not stressed by new task. Please apply now! Thank you. If you have any questions, please contact us by clicking below ‘Inquiry’ or sending an email to

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