Wake up, warrior

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Wake up, warrior

Wake up, warrior

Release of Wake up, warrior

It has been released in Korea in May 2017! / Global release in August!

For your exciting morning 〈Wake up, warrior〉
  • Combination of alarm app and RPG game

  • You will never be late while enjoying the alarm game.

  • Real alarm RPG game, Wake up, warrior!

  • A real RPG alarm game that will comfort you

  • Wake up, warrior!

  • It gives strength and meaning to your morning!

The alarm that you used meaninglessly every morning becomes more fun and your life will be fuller!

If you don't complete the game that starts with the alarm, your warrior will have a hard time leveling up, and the alarm will continue to sound.

  • Get ready for tomorrow!

  • You are already a warrior with this app

  • Make your way for the warrior!

  • Take me with you!

  • Alarm meets RPG!

  • You will never be late for school or work

  • A real alarm RPG game Awake, warrior!

  • “I don’t cling to success or failure! Because failure is a stepping stone to success!”

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