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AI education app poing

AI education app poing

Pory English Learn English with AI English Friend, Pori

  • Free Talking in English anytime, anywhere!

  • Real pronunciation of the AI foreign friend, which is more native!

  • Just solve a 5minute quiz a day, and you will be fluent in English~

  • An English learning app that even 5-year-olds can see, hear, and repeat

  • English word quiz that the whole family can enjoy together!

Pory English is a fun English game app with a smart artificial intelligence character, Pory. If you take a quiz with the foreign friend, Pori, who is more real than the real thing, and talk every day, your English speaking skill will naturally improve! Ask questions in English for 5 minutes a day and solve a quiz~ Let’s PLAY!

Real speaking with AI character, Pory

The artificial intelligence character, Pory is not an English teacher. It is a real foreign friend with the native pronunciation ~♥ When you're bored or tired of studying, you can always talk with Pory. The best way to learn a foreign language is to have a “foreign friend”! You all probably know that.

Fun to remember English words with Quiz

Learn words naturally with twenty questions quiz. Through the ‘associative learning method’ in which you see, listen, and think, you will have also better sentence comprehension. There is a study that shows that seeing and hearing the same information is remembered twice as long as memorizing written sentences. Fun and efficient English quiz~ GO! GO!! Go to see the related article!

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