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The Virtual Wardrobe in My Pocket P.Cle

Rapidly changing fashion-trends, and investment of time and money to keep up with the trend. Piles and piles of clothes are discarded in fast-fashion. We hope to expand your thoughts and problems from the real world to the virtual world. We invite you to our new concept of clothing in the no-contact era changed by P.Cle!

Dress-up Conveniently with a single touch of the screen!

Try on anything, anywhere at anytime with a touch or two of the screen! P.Cle provides different clothes.

Wear whatever you want, any style you want! Customizing

Virtual clothing can be adjusted in any style and size you want, , and can be customized according to your tastes.

Sharing Photos full of your own unique fashion sense!

Show your taste in fashion, create your own unique style and share them on social media! #pcle

P.Cle expands the dimension for clothing

The dimension of actual clothing has been expanded. Experience expressing yourself with virtual clothing today.

We are looking fashion partners to work with us!

If you are keenly interested in fashion, are a fashion designer that haven’t had the opportunity to unleash your dreams, and would like to challenge the new realm of virtual fashion, you are the able and trendy partner that we’ve been looking for! Please contact us via following e-mail address to apply as a partner and to collaborate with us. help@pocketmemory.co.kr Thank you.

Pocket Memory

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