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Educational content

Educational content

Safety experience content

It has been designed to enable the user to get the safety experience with fun and accomplishment by giving a score according to the user's disaster situation, and the experience content of traffic accident is connected to an actual vehicle to enable a more realistic experience.

Hardware Simulator Other devices Play time interaction No. of user
VIVH in-use N/A 3~4 minutes in-use 1~4 person
Chatbot / AI character service based on NLP

With voice recognition technology and machine learning technology, it is possible to ask a wide range of questions, such as questions about the region and people, and visitors can experience as if they are talking to a real person who gives various and immediate responses, delicate expressions and natural movements to questions. (Setting up dataset based on cloud)

  • - Two AI characters, “Monk, Hyecho” and “King Barhuman,” are scheduled to be serviced in HICO, Hwarang Village in Gyeongju (in March)

  • - It provides immersion as if users are talking with real people

  • - NLP based

  • - Response speed within 1 second

  • - Right expressions and movements according to the intention

Contents Management System

Contents Management System (CMS) is a program that allows convenient control and management of attractions and PC. Power control and information management for attractions and PC, abnormal status monitoring function, and managing users who have experienced VR are possible.

* This content is available at PLAY KPOP VR experience zone in Jeju island.
AR Smart Factory

Smart factory system using MS Hololens

  • - Space recognition, and image recognition of devices and parts using Hololens

  • - Remote communication and maintenance support service are provided

  • - Increasing efficiency by reducing the depth of the existing maintenance support

  • - Analyzing data to predict problems and help make better operational decisions

  • - Visualization via hologram of the existing data

VR safety experience hall

Story-based safety education system via VR

  • - Established a safety experience center for KOLON

  • - Established a comprehensive safety experience center in Samin, Jeollabuk-do

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