AI character

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AI character

AI character

We have developed artificial intelligence characters that can communicate based on natural language, and it can be customized for various purposes of business.

It is possible to change the conventional touch-screen kiosk to natural language-based interactive kiosk.

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You can expand to various businesses with the artificial intelligence character.

  • - Docent at exhibitions

  • - Information at offline stores

  • - Promotion for companies

  • - Promotion system at government offices

  • - Information at hospitals

  • - Information at tourist spots

A.I Pory An artificial intelligence character for enterprises


  • Natural language-based conversation

    Interactive artificial intelligence content based on NLP (Natural Language Processing) enables spoken dialogue without any other equipment.

  • Information Service at Facilities/Institutions

    It provides information on specific places, facilities and surrounding facilities.

  • Promotion via advertising

    It provides great promotional results from advertising at the places of use, local and surrounding facilities.

AI PORY, an artificial intelligence character for enterprises, is a cloud-based artificial intelligence service that allows you to obtain the desired information via dialogues based on real-time voice recognition.

It is an AI kiosk that informs you of various things, such as interesting daily conversations, information on institutions and facilities, content, surrounding facilities, and tourist destinations, and customized data sets are updated by analyzing the conversation with the user in the cloud.

Character To choose one of many basic characters To create a customized character
Dataset Basic conversation-based data set
Basic customized data set
Basic conversation-based data set
Basic customized data set
Kiosk Basic type Customized
Update on dataset Free for 3 months (basic) Free for 6 months (special type)
To provide customer’s data Free for 3 months Free for 6 months

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